Reasons to Buy the Self-Propelled Boom Lift Model

Most industrial projects often require workers to work at height, and the safest way to do so is with a boom lift. The elevated platforms provide enough space to accommodate one or two workers and materials. That said, boom lifts come in various designs, and a model that has become popular over the past few years is the self-propelled boom lift. With other choices such as trailer-mounted or self-drive work platforms available, why should you choose a self-propelled boom lift? Read on to find out the key benefits of a self-propelled boom lift.


When working at height, tight spaces can be a real problem and might even delay a project because of access issues. Some contractors, therefore, alternate between ladders for tight spaces and boom lifts for open spaces. However, ladders expose workers to accidents, and this is where self-propelled boom lifts prove essential. Since they don't have outriggers for stability purposes, self-propelled boom lifts offer the much-needed maneuverability. The machine can, therefore, turn easily in tight spaces without workers having to get off the platforms. Consequently, you save time, and most importantly, avoid exposing workers to danger. 


Most machines used in industrial projects are anything but compact, which makes storage a significant issue. It might explain why most contractors prefer to rent rather than buy boom lifts because of the lack of storage room for big boom lift models. Storage is, however, an issue you don't have to worry about with self-propelled boom lifts. It can be attributed to the compact design of the self-propelled boom lifts since most components are fitted closer together. Therefore, rather than rent a boom lift, you can opt to buy the self-propelled design because it is easy to allocate storage space.

Easy Loading and Unloading

When delivering most boom lift models, an operator is required to drive the machine down the delivery truck, and the same must happen when loading it on the truck. If you are working with numerous boom lifts, it means an operator must drive each lift, and that can take quite a bit of time, especially with only a handful of workers. With self-propelled boom lifts, all you have to do is engage the navigation system, and the platform will do the rest. The ability to self-drive eliminates the need for several operators, which saves on manpower. Additionally, there is no time wasted because self-propelled boom lifts can be loaded and unloaded in tandem.