Top Insights into O-Ring Maintenance

If you recently bought a generator, then you will be dealing with several O-rings. The circular rings are made from various materials and help to keep contents from leaking in a generator. Due to the importance of their role, adequate maintenance of the O-rings is essential. It prevents premature wear that eliminates leaks and losses. That said, there is the wrong way of maintaining O-rings, and there is the right way. This article highlights top insights into O-rings maintenance.

Do Not Remove the O-Ring

A common mistake most people make is taking an entire O-ring out then wiping it off before returning it. While the action ensures both surfaces of the O-ring are cleaned, it also increases the possibility of the ring attracting dirt. This is especially the case if you are conducting the maintenance outdoors. A better approach is to leave the O-ring in place and wipe off the top part. The reason is that the underside is rarely exposed; hence, there is very little chance of dust settling. Moreover, O-rings are susceptible to stretching when removed from their location. If you must remove the O-ring, ensure you place it on a flat, clean, soft surface before cleaning it.

Do Not Use Acetone

Acetone can be described as a universal cleaning agent, and that is why it is popular in machine work. However, acetone is the last thing you should use on your generator's O-ring because it dries fast, and this affects the condition of the O-rings. The reason is that acetone hardens the O-ring over time, thereby making them brittle and susceptible to breaking. Before you notice it, you will have replaced the O-rings umpteen times thinking that you are buying low-quality rings when in reality your maintenance procedure is wrong. Instead of using acetone as a cleaning agent, opt for any silicone-based lubricant since it keeps the O-ring in good condition.

Leave a Thin Layer of Grease

When cleaning O-rings, some people want to do a thorough job, but this often leaves the O-ring dry. It should not happen because a dry O-ring easily wears off. For example, when the generator is on, heat builds up inside, and components that do not have lubrication on their surfaces might be damaged. For this reason, it is essential to leave a thin layer of lubricant on the rings since it serves various purposes. As heat builds up, the lubricant dissipates the rise in temperature, thereby keeping the O-ring cool and in good shape. However, you need to be careful not to leave too much grease on the O-rings since the rings will keep sliding out of position and affect functionality.

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