Which Type of Render Is Best for Your Home?

When you are renovating a property, it is important that you use the best materials to protect your home. When working on your walls, you will want to make sure that not only do they look good but that they are protected from the elements and will not be damaged by water or other external factors. Rendering is a great way to finish and protect either an internal or external wall. [Read More]

Understanding the 3 Main Types of Flow Aids and Their Applications

Flow aids, as the term suggests, are systems installed to assist in the transportation of materials through containers or chutes. Besides, you can find them in conveyors as well as continuous flow process equipment. This post will discuss the three main types of flow aids and their applications. Continue reading the post to learn more: Chemical Flow Aids Various chemicals are useful flow aids and help in altering the flow of bulk materials. [Read More]

Top Insights into O-Ring Maintenance

If you recently bought a generator, then you will be dealing with several O-rings. The circular rings are made from various materials and help to keep contents from leaking in a generator. Due to the importance of their role, adequate maintenance of the O-rings is essential. It prevents premature wear that eliminates leaks and losses. That said, there is the wrong way of maintaining O-rings, and there is the right way. [Read More]

Reasons to Buy the Self-Propelled Boom Lift Model

Most industrial projects often require workers to work at height, and the safest way to do so is with a boom lift. The elevated platforms provide enough space to accommodate one or two workers and materials. That said, boom lifts come in various designs, and a model that has become popular over the past few years is the self-propelled boom lift. With other choices such as trailer-mounted or self-drive work platforms available, why should you choose a self-propelled boom lift? [Read More]