What's new in electric scissor lift designs for 2020?

Scissor lifts are becoming essential components of any work site. They act as powerful elevating platforms where personnel can access tight spaces and equipment can be used more efficiently. Modern scissor lift designs take advantage of electricity to power these essential machines.

Electricity is clean, cost-effective, and convenient to use during many different projects. And as customers increasingly focus on sustainability, electric scissor lifts are here to stay. Every year, new designs are incorporated into scissor lifts to make them more effective. So, what can you expect when looking for a new scissor lift in 2020?

Faster charging and longer life

Wouldn't it be nice to get more running time from your electric scissor lifts? This is now possible due to advancements in machine design. The batteries of new scissor lifts can be charged faster, keep a charge for longer, and require less maintenance over time. This is possible because electric engines contain fewer components. This means that the likelihood of parts breaking down is reduced, and you can keep working off a single charge for hours at a time.

Furthermore, electric cells are being designed to hold more power and dissipate it in controlled portions. This means that your elevated work platform will remain fully functional without you worrying about running out of battery life.  

More power packed into smaller machines

In the past, scissor lifts would have to be bulky so as to sustain weights as heavy as 500kg. Electric power makes it possible for these machines to pack lots of power within a smaller frame. This means that even in tight spaces, an electric scissor lift can support hundreds of kg of equipment at a time. Furthermore, they have adjustable platforms that can fit narrow spaces and provide enough space in wide, outdoor applications. And at the end of a productive day, you can compress the machine into a smaller size for storage purposes. Such flexibility makes the machine a worthwhile investment for years to come.

Excellent versatility

Electric scissor lifts also have excellent versatility. Because they use a clean and efficient power source, you can use them across a wide range of projects. 2020 models feature stable and durable platforms that can be used on rugged terrain, busy city streets, and even in schools and hospitals.

The quiet and safe operation of the machine is a useful feature, especially when working in sensitive environments. Furthermore, you can access digital displays to get real-time information regarding the operation of your machine. Portable battery chargers are also available to keep you running for longer periods at a time.