Four Terrific Reasons to Use Wooden Boxes for Your Cargo-Handling and Transportation

Are you in the market for boxes that you can use for cargo-handling and transportation? Since time immemorial, wooden boxes have been used to store, protect, stack and transport items or materials. Thanks to advances in technology, these boxes are now available in a wide selection of designs and colours, depending on the specific needs of users. If you're considering buying or renting wooden boxes for your specific needs, it is important to know the various benefits that they can deliver. [Read More]

4 Reasons to Install a Car Lift Tower in Your Dealership

While many dealerships display their cars on their forecourt or in their showroom, some add a car lift tower to the mix. These towers can sit outside your building or even inside it. They contain an integral car lift that transports vehicles in and out of stacked parking bays; their glass windows allow customers and passers-by to see the cars inside. Why should you buy a car lift tower for your dealership? [Read More]

3 Vital Considerations When Buying Millet Brooms for Your Warehouse

Millet brooms are prevalent in commercial and domestic setups and provide a quick cleaning solution for your industrial or warehouse floors. These brooms are unique and can work on both wet and dry surfaces while maintaining their integrity even when exposed to harsh substances like bleach or chlorine. However, it's wise to purchase the right type of millet broom that satisfies your cleaning needs. So, what must you consider first before purchasing millet brooms for your business? [Read More]

Why Your Next Purchase Of Lifting Equipment Should Be An Electric Hoist

As long as your industrial processes require you to lift loads or transport them at a high height, lifting equipment is mandatory for your business. But lifting equipment comes in a vast range of options, so it can be daunting to make a confident selection. How do you choose? Begin with focusing your attention on hoists, which are designed to undertake heavy lifting. Hoists come in three main categories, which are the hydraulic, electric and manual varieties. [Read More]