Tennis Court Upkeep: Avoiding Mistakes When Purchasing a Millet Broom

If you have built or refurbished a tennis court, you should plan for regular cleaning. In general, good housekeeping is a critical maintenance process for hard sports surfaces. If the court is not cleaned, there will be a build-up of stubborn grime and dirt. Consequently, there will be a need for constant resurfacing. You should also note that a dirty surface will increase the risk of accidents during the games. Fortunately, tennis court cleaning does not require complex and expensive equipment. You will only need to invest in a good millet broom for the work. Here are simple tips for choosing a reliable tool.

Think about Moisture

It is important to check on the reliability of different millet brooms in wet and dry conditions. Some of these tools can only be used in dry areas. These will deteriorate if they are exposed to water. You can choose this type of broom for casual sweeping of the surface. However, it is more practical and convenient to acquire a product which can be used on both wet and dry surfaces. Also, ensure that your selected item is rated for outdoor use because tennis court surfaces can be rough.

Consider Chemical Exposure

Your millet broom will be exposed to harsh cleaning chemicals during its service life. In simple terms, tennis courts can develop tough stains over time. Especially if they are outdoor surfaces. These stains can be in the form of spills, animal droppings and even shoe scuff marks. When this happens, you might need to wash the area using bleach or other harsh chemicals. If you do not plan to purchase another broom for thorough cleanings, consider choosing a millet broom that can withstand chemical exposure.

Check the Number of Ties

Millet brooms have different numbers of ties. These ties are designed to secure and stabilise the bristles during cleaning. It is essential to choose the right number of bands for your cleaning tool. Otherwise, the broom might fall apart fast. As you might expect, more ties are more beneficial for a tennis court maintenance product. This can be attributed to the stress of cleaning a hard surface. Also, keep in mind that more ties allow the millet broom to have longer and more bristles for increased cleaning efficiency. It is not necessary to acquire the highest number of fasteners. However, do not overlook the importance of this factor.

Finally, you should choose a millet broom with a strong and durable handle, and this unit should be comfortable in your hands. Use these tips to find a millet broom that'll work for your needs.