Three Reasons to Install an Air Cannon

Whenever you need to move bulk solids from a silo or other large container, then one of the largest problems that you often need to face is the issue of clogging. What frequently happens is that during the pouring process, some of the material will start to become stuck to the sides of the container and may eventually start to block the container so that no more material can be transferred. There are a variety of flow aids that can be used to overcome this problem; one of the most effective techniques is the use of an air cannon. Here are three reasons that you should make an air cannon your first choice of flow aid when you need to get your bulk solid flowing smoothly.

Increased speed

There are various ways that you could try to clear a blockage. You might think about pounding on the side of the container to try to dislodge the stuck particles, or you might try inserting a rod into the silo and using it to clear the blockage. Both of these techniques could potentially work but they are going to be much slower than using an air cannon. Using an air cannon regularly will allow you to aerate the material so that it does not become compacted and start to clog. This technique should stop clogging from occurring and avoid all of the delays that come from dealing with flow problems.

Clear large amounts of material

If you are trying to stop clogging by banging the container or trying to clear blockages as they happen, then you can only focus on one area at a time. If you choose to use an air cannon instead, then the blast of air which comes from the cannon can aerate a large amount of your material at one time. You could even try using several air cannons in combination to unsettle all of your material at once and prevent the material from starting to become stuck. 

Improve operational safety

Many of the techniques used to clear blockages could be potentially risky, as they involve the use of heavy or sharp implements or perhaps even climbing into the silo to try and dislodge stuck particles. All of these actions could be risky. Using an air cannon is far safer for your operatives and allows quicker, more efficient material transfer without any blockages forming in the silos or other containers.

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