Height Safety: Three Fundamental Precautions for Using Lifting Chains

Handling heavy and bulky loads on your industrial or commercial worksite can be challenging. Therefore, if you are planning on moving large objects within your property, you should acquire quality lifting chains. These pieces of equipment will promote the efficient and safe management of heavy loads. Consequently, the productivity on your site will be exceptional. Here are some crucial tips to keep in mind for ideal success when using lifting chains.

Acquire the Right Chains

You should ensure that you have the right equipment for your lifting applications. In general, if the chains are not compatible with the loads, inefficiencies and accidents might occur. When choosing your products, it is advisable to evaluate your requirements. For instance, you should determine the general weight of the load and the overall shape of the object. Then, consider the specifications of the lifting chains available on the market for purchase and hire.

Under ideal circumstances, one should acquire customised equipment. This will ensure that the different elements of the lifting chains such as the leg and sling, load points, hooks, and links are designed to perfectly match the needs. However, you can also find a close match from general equipment. Other important factors for selection include the chain grade, testing certification and the incorporated safety accessories for height operations.

Inspect the Equipment

When using lifting chains for handling bulky loads, it is important to ensure that the equipment is faultless. In simple terms, you cannot afford to utilise a rig which could have damage. A damaged chain will reduce the efficiency of load management. Moreover, there will be an increased risk of an accident, which could lead to serious injuries and property damage.

Therefore, it is prudent to have the lifting chains inspected before any operation. Ideally, there should be no distortion of the chain and connected components. Any visible sign of deterioration should be checked further and managed. Also, look out for signs of rusting and corrosion of the metallic elements of the equipment and choose measures to prevent further degradation.

Manage the Worksite

Finally, you should manage your worksite and the people on it before and when using lifting chains. It is advisable to make sure that the workers involved in direct handling of the equipment and loads have some experience. Other individuals should remain clear of the rig. You should also consider using a few warning signs when the equipment is in use to minimise accidental contact. When the lifting work is completed, ensure that the lifting chains are stored properly.

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