4 Reasons to Install a Car Lift Tower in Your Dealership

While many dealerships display their cars on their forecourt or in their showroom, some add a car lift tower to the mix. These towers can sit outside your building or even inside it.

They contain an integral car lift that transports vehicles in and out of stacked parking bays; their glass windows allow customers and passers-by to see the cars inside. Why should you buy a car lift tower for your dealership?

1. Get a Marketing Boost

Car lift towers create an eye-catching display. They give potential customers a different way of seeing some of the cars you have for sale.

Rather than walking around your forecourt or showroom and looking at vehicles from ground level, customers look up to see cars in what is essentially a big display case. This is a novelty. It also gets your cars in front of people driving by who might not have noticed them on the ground.

2. Get Easier Car Movement

If you line cars up on your forecourt, then it's not always easy to get them out when you need to. If a customer wants to test drive or buy a car that is boxed in, then you'll have to move multiple cars to get it out.

A car lift tower makes this a breeze. The central lift can take out any car from any level easily and quickly.

3. Get More Space for Cars

If you're short on forecourt and storage space, then you may not be able to buy and display as many cars as you want to. Your selling opportunities may be limited.

A car lift tower doesn't take up that much space. However, it can stack and store multiple cars at once.

For example, if you install a three-level tower that has four bays on each level, then you can display 12 vehicles. You couldn't fit this number of cars in the tower's space footprint.

4. Make Your Cars More Secure

If you leave your cars outside your dealership all the time, then they are an attractive proposition for thieves and vandals. No matter how much security you have in place, you may periodically lose cars or have them damaged.

A car lift tower is a secure solution. The cars are kept safe inside a locked structure. This is especially useful for more valuable vehicles that you don't want to keep outdoors.

To find out more about towers and their benefits, contact car lift suppliers.