3 Vital Considerations When Buying Millet Brooms for Your Warehouse

Millet brooms are prevalent in commercial and domestic setups and provide a quick cleaning solution for your industrial or warehouse floors. These brooms are unique and can work on both wet and dry surfaces while maintaining their integrity even when exposed to harsh substances like bleach or chlorine. However, it's wise to purchase the right type of millet broom that satisfies your cleaning needs.

So, what must you consider first before purchasing millet brooms for your business? Check out the three essential factors below:

1. Check the Number of Ties

The current market offers a variety of millet broom sizes you can choose for your industrial cleaning needs. They contain ties sewn on the millet, and you can determine the size of a millet broom by the number of tie lines. For instance, small-sized brushes only contain a couple of lines, while larger ones may feature up to seven lines of ties. The ties are crucial in holding the millet in place as well as aid the broom in maintaining its shape and proper working condition for longer. 

If you intend to use the millet broom on your industrial floor, it would be beneficial to purchase larger models that feature more tie lines. This way, you can clean extensively across larger areas. However, if you require millet brooms for smaller warehouse spaces, consider downsizing to those with fewer ties. While bigger brooms are more flexible enough to clean modest areas, miniature brooms are much easier to manoeuvre.

2. Check the Internal Cane Inserts

A significant number of millet brooms only contain millet. However, some come with cane inserts in the broom's head to provide more stability and strength. While these brooms are durable and sturdy, heavy-duty industrial or commercial use can eventually wear them down. 

To extend the lifespan of the brooms in such conditions, the introduction of cane inserts to add stiffness and stability is paramount. For this reason, consider purchasing reinforced millet broom models that will be more efficient and durable in your projects. 

3. Consider the Handles

Finally, another crucial consideration when choosing your millet brooms is the handle. Does the grip offer comfort and durability? You can go for custom-made handles designed as per your specifications too. If not, consider choosing brooms with heavily lacquered handles that can withstand cracking, are durable and have an ergonomic design for easier handling. 

These three tips will help you choose the best millet brush for your industrial cleaning needs. Besides, don't forget to consult reputable equipment suppliers in your area for advice on the right millet brooms to use.