Troubleshooting Industrial Refrigeration Systems: What Could Go Wrong?

Industrial refrigeration systems are indispensable across many industries that require large-scale cooling systems. These refrigeration systems come in handy for a wide range of preservation processes, from cold food storage to ice rinks, beverage production, dairy processing, brewing, petrochemicals and pharmaceutical industries. Generally, like many large-scale systems, industrial refrigeration systems are designed to last. However, they are not completely fault-proof. Therefore, your industrial refrigeration system may develop a problem or two down the line.

When problems occur with your industrial refrigeration system, they can interfere with your processes. For this reason, it's imperative to know when your refrigeration system starts failing. Therefore, here are some of the most common industrial refrigeration issues you should watch out for.

Frost Or Ice Build-up

Freezing is one of the most common tell-tales of a problematic refrigeration system. Frost or ice may develop on various components. Generally, this can happen for various reasons. For instance, poor air ventilation, refrigerant leaks, faulty or worn-out door gaskets and dirty fans or filters are some reasons your refrigeration system could be freezing up. You can also check your defrost cycle. If it's set up incorrectly, your refrigeration systems can accumulate ice. Low-temperature settings can also cause frost or ice build-up on your evaporation coils. In addition, if you leave your refrigeration doors open for too long, warm air may get inside the system, causing condensation that will eventually form ice or frost.

Temperature Problems

Temperature issues are also common with a faulty industrial refrigeration system. Depending on what you use your industrial refrigeration system for, you may notice temperature issues in many ways. For instance, if you use it for food storage, your usual temperature settings may not keep your food cold anymore. Ideally, temperature issues manifest most when your refrigeration system fails to provide sufficient cooling with the required temperature settings. These temperature problems can stem from many issues. For instance, a malfunctioning compressor, a faulty thermostat, dirty evaporator and condenser coils, incorrect temperature settings, refrigerant leaks, dirty fans and poor airflow are some of the major culprits. Therefore, have a technician inspect the system to determine the exact issue.

Unusual Noises

Industrial refrigeration systems don't usually operate completely quietly. You can expect some level of noise from the system's motors, compressors, fans, etc. However, unfamiliar noises should be an indicator of a potential problem. Unusually loud and strange sounds may signify faulty components like the compressor, misaligned fans and damaged motors. Therefore, it's best to contact a technician whenever you notice abnormal operational noises with your industrial refrigeration system.

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