3 Crucial Tips to Cut Aluminium Pipes Like A Pro

Aluminium is a highly soft and touchy metal you can use in various projects. Since it's quite malleable, you can easily risk burning holes or melting aluminium pipes during welding. Besides, cutting it is equally as tricky as welding due to its delicate nature. Flying shads can cause injuries, and the aluminium pipe can easily crimp in areas you want to cut.

Continue reading this post for an invaluable guide on how to cut aluminium pipes like a pro:

Choosing the Right Cutting Tool

In any task, you must use the right type of tool. For an aluminium pipe, you can decide to cut it using different tools and equipment, such as a hacksaw, pipe cutter or circular saw. A hacksaw is entirely mechanical, and you must apply force to cut your pipes. It's not the most preferred tool, but since aluminium is more pliable, a hacksaw can still be usable.

The circular cutting saw is arguably one of the best tools to cut aluminium because you can find saw blades specifically designed for the job. On the other hand, a pipe cutter is excellent when you don't want any bends or shads forming. It's intended explicitly for cutting pipes only.

Lubrication Is Key

Whichever the type of tool you pick for aluminium pipe cutting, you must lubricate the pipe. Lubrication is also suitable for the saw since cutting the aluminium may damage its blade. While cutting, there is more friction generated, and this produces heat that may result in the blade breaking.

Therefore, consider purchasing a suitable lubrication product or save extra bucks by using wax instead. Those old candles you usually dispose of can be perfect lubricants for your aluminium cutting project. You can also consider using wet cutting when working with blades to cut aluminium pipes with ease.

Slow Down While Cutting 

Most people cut aluminium through trial-and-error techniques. However, you can accomplish this task without so much effort. The only significant challenge you must deal with is ensuring your aluminium pipe doesn't bend when cutting. This problem is common since aluminium metal is pliable.

To prevent this, though, you need to ensure you slow down your cutting speed as you approach the end of the pipe. This way, you can prevent it from potentially bending, especially when using a hacksaw to cut. However, this is not a problem when you are cutting your aluminium pipes with a pipe cutter.

In conclusion, these are the three essential tips to cut your aluminium pipes. When managing any aluminium cutting project, consider using these tips to perform it like a pro!