Which Type of Render Is Best for Your Home?

When you are renovating a property, it is important that you use the best materials to protect your home. When working on your walls, you will want to make sure that not only do they look good but that they are protected from the elements and will not be damaged by water or other external factors. Rendering is a great way to finish and protect either an internal or external wall. The render will lend the wall a textured or smooth finish, which can then be covered with a finishing wash to create a decorative appearance if needed. If you are considering applying render to the walls of your home, then you will need to give some thought to the most appropriate type of render for your home. There are three types of render commonly available from your local render suppliers, and you must understand the differences between them.

Lime Mortar 

This is often used for rendering older properties. It is flexible and should not crack once it has been applied. Perhaps the greatest advantage offered by lime mortar is that it is breathable so it enables moisture to escape from the wall. One disadvantage of using lime mortar is that it can take many days to dry completely.

Acrylic renders 

Acrylic renders provide great water resistance and can be applied on surfaces such as cladding and concrete that would otherwise be difficult to render. Some types of acrylic render can be applied using a spray, which significantly increases the speed of the rendering work. Acrylic render will also dry in less than 48 hours, compared to the 28 days that some other types of render can take. The most significant disadvantage of acrylic render is that it is not breathable and can, therefore, trap water into your wall.

Silicone enhanced render

While both acrylic renders and lime mortars still have their place, there is a modern alternative which is rapidly becoming the favoured option for most render suppliers. Silicone enhanced render is available in many colours, and it combines the chief benefits of both lime mortar and acrylic. It is water-resistant and breathable.  

If you have any concerns regarding which types of render is most suitable for your property, then the render suppliers in your area will be able to answer any questions you may have and to suggest which rendering products would be most appropriate for your particular job.